Tinksky False Eyelashes Extension Applicator Remover Clip Tweezers Nipper (Silver)

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Quick Overview:

Color: mainly silver. Material: durable stainless steel and alloy.
Can be used to help you wear on or take off false eyelashes, or help you adjust or repair your false eyelashes.
As long as you have it, paste false eyelashes easier, more comfortable and clean.
How to wear on false eyelashes 1. Put index finger and thumb on the clip middle wide part. 2. False eyelashes along the front end of the tweezers radian, fixed on the clamp, then daub eyelash glue on the roots of eyelashes. 3. Paste the false eyelash into their eyelash root.
How to take off false eyelashes 1. Put index finger and thumb on the clip middle wide part. 2. Clip piece clamped false eyelashes end, it will pry primary eyelashes and gently, then slowly detach.

    The item is a portable multifunctional false eyelashes clip tweezers, which is made of durable stainless steel and alloy materials, and can easily help you wear on or take off false eyelashes. Besides, the clip tweezers can also be used to adjust or repair your false eyelashes position. With ergonomic design and easy to operate, it is really a wonderful professional false eyelashes extension applicator tweezer for choice.
    - Color: mainly silver.
    - Material: durable stainless steel and alloy.
    - 100% brand new and high quality Professional False Eyelashes Extension Applicator Remover Clip Tweezers Nipper Beauty Tool.
    - Can be used to help you wear on or take off false eyelashes, or help you adjust or repair your false eyelashes.
    - As long as you have it, paste false eyelashes easier, more comfortable and clean.
    - How to wear on false eyelashes
    1. Put index finger and thumb on the clip middle wide part.
    2. False eyelashes along the front end of the tweezers radian, fixed on the clamp, then daub eyelash glue on the roots of eyelashes.
    3. Paste the false eyelash into their eyelash root.
    - How to take off false eyelashes
    1. Put index finger and thumb on the clip middle wide part.
    2. Clip piece clamped false eyelashes end, it will pry primary eyelashes and gently, then slowly detach.
    - Simple and practical design, easy to operate and convenient to carry. 

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